What Does FT Mean in Text, Snapchat, Tiktok, YouTube & Soccer

Are you looking for the meaning of FT in text? Well in that case you have headed to the right place. It is the most basic thing for youngsters. So today we’ll talk about what does FT mean in text, Snapchat, tiktok, soccer, and YouTube.

What Does Ft Mean in Text

So ? Well FT means FaceTime or in other words We can say video call. This is the most common meaning of FT in all the other social media platforms as well. 

This is the common phrase or a short form that is commonly asked by users of Snapchat. Whenever they ask for a video call or VC they directly say FT..

What is Facetime??

Facetime is an iPhone app that is used to communicate with other apple users. This can be difficult for android uses as they do not use ISO. 

The acronym came long ago and it has been used all over different social media platforms such as Fb, Insta, and even by text. 

Ft Mean in Other Platforms

FT has different meanings with different platforms such as TikTok, Soccer, YouTube and Snapchat. But mostly I would say as I discussed about FT it just means doing FaceTime nothing more. Let’s see the different meanings of FT in other platforms.

What Does Ft Mean on Snapchat

On Snapchat, FT is used for ‘FaceTime’, the video call feature for Apple users.

Although FaceTime is only available to Apple users, some may use the term to refer to Snapchat’s own video chat function, which is accessible from the app.

What Does Ft Mean on Tiktok

If you’ve been using TikTok, you should know that it’s one of those acronyms that broadly refers to music videos filmed in collaboration with someone, and it’s pretty much the only FT definition.

In other words  FT means that you have decided to film some type of content with another person on Tiktok.

What Does FT Mean in Text

What Does Ft Mean on YouTube

“Ft.” is a short form for “featuring”. This term is widely used in music channels. Artists often feature other artists in their music videos and songs and this is why this phrase is widely used. 

On YouTube, YouTubers and content creators on YouTube who collaborate with others also often include “ft”. They are featured along with the YouTube creator in the title. 

Ft. is very easy to use. The featured creator’s name is still visible instead of “Featuring” to keep the title short.

What Does Ft Mean in Soccer Game

FT stands for Full Time in football or Soccer. This means 90 minutes of regular play + stoppage time (usually 1-5 minutes).

 If it is a knockout tournament and the match ends in a draw after the full time, overtime will be added, but this term is not included in the FT. That’s all found about FT text. Now, you can easily get text from Snapchat, tiktok, soccer, and YouTube scene screenshot. Using an online text extractor enables to convert a screenshot to text for your favorite quotes, picture captions, and more. 

Final Words

I hope you have now understood the different meanings of FT on different platforms. There could be many other meanings too but these were some widely used TF meanings around the world. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more updates.

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