What Does NFS Mean on Wizz? Know How to Use Wizz

Hi everyone, this is Joey. Today we will talk about the meaning of nfs to Wizz. As we know Wizz is a free social networking application that allows users to chat online with strangers from all over the world. It features a swipe system that allows users to browse profiles to choose who to chat with, similar to popular adult dating apps like Tinder.

What Does NFS Mean on Wizz

On Wizz, NFS stands for “Not for sale“. This is the most common definition of NFS in game-related communications in applications such as Discord, TeamSpeak, and Telegram.

What is Wizz?

Wizz is a free social networking app that allows users to chat online with strangers from around the world. Like popular adult dating apps like Tinder, it has a swipe system that allows users to browse profiles and choose who to chat with.

A Parenting Guide to Wizz

As the modern era begins, the use of social media and technology has also increased. Especially for the teenagers and youngsters. But is Wizz really a helpful social media app? for your children? Following are the five things that every parent should know before allowing your children to use the Wizz app!

Making New Friends

As we have discussed previously, this app falls under a social networking category. That allows users to find and meet new friends just by scrolling through the feed of users. If anyone picks your interest in the live feed you start chatting with them. Simultaneously the users can also share their snap or Instagram account and ask users to add them to their account.

I’ve dug further and found that according to the Play Store, it is the most fun and spontaneous way to kill your loneliness by meeting new friends. This app is all about positive vibes. If anyone posts inappropriate content then this will cause suspension of the account.


I personally have used this app and I really like this app’s navigation which is very straightforward and simple. The home button takes you back to the field of live users and the text bubble at the bottom is where you can direct messages to your new connections. Waving hand is where you can create new friends and then message them directly or make a group to chat for fun.

Terms of Service

The first in the basic requirement of this app is that you must be at least 16 years or older. 

Did you know –  that Wizz is owned by a French company and that is the reason that the minimum requirement age for using this app is 16 years.

Sadly there are no ads or any model to earn money on wizz. Hence it should be reasonably understood that money is being made by collecting from users only.

What You Must Not Do in Wizz!!

If you do not follow the rules and post the mention type of content in your wizz account then you are likely to get suspension.

  • Nudity 
  • Violence 
  • Abusive
  • Threatening
  • Obscene
  • Misleading
  • Untrue 
  • Offensive 
  • Threaten
  • Invade another’s privacy

Parental Controls with Ratings

What I would suggest is, if a child is below 18 then it’s not a useful app that can really help your children to develop social skills. At My architecture idea We always encourage the youth and teenagers as well to make friends and connections to make their life even more happier, however it’s also not possible to meet and create great friends online all the time. Right? Online dating apps are not as trusted as finding someone in your college or school. Social media app that requires no authentication or a user verification and less likely to be the source of quality friendship.

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How to Add People on Wizz?

If the other person texts you and gets back to you, you’re automatically friends. So there is no dedicated button to add friends. Or follow suit? You just text someone.

What Does NFS Mean on Wizz?
How to Use Wizz?

Wizz is an application in the Social Networking category like Fb and Insta. It allows users to find/meet new people by scrolling through other users’ live feeds. Once someone shows your interest in the live stream, you can use Wizz to send messages.

What Does the Gold Heart Mean on Wizz?

This is a normal heart emoji like other heart colours. It has no specific meaning on Wizz.

How to Get Unbanned from Wizz?

Follow the steps shown in the video!!

Final Words

Hope you have got all your answers about Wiz and the meaning of NFS too. Do let me know if you have any other questions for the same and Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more updates.

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