What Does IGH Mean In Text – Everything About IGH Words

We have already covered so many slangs and their meanings. These lines are widely used in all social media such as TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. One of the slang words that we’re gonna talk about is IGH. Have you heard it before? Of course you have and that’s the reason you are here. Keep on reading the article to know all the different meanings of IGH.

What Does IGH Mean In Text

So what does IGH mean? I had the same question too so I did a thorough research and found some different meanings, not sure which one was the right one so I will share all of them.

The first and the most reliable meaning of IGH is “Alright”. Yes you heard it right as you can see that these three letters IGH are in the middle of alright. Therefore people just use the slang as a short form of alright.

Different Meanings of IGH 

Well this is just one meaning for IGH but there are different meanings for this slang mentioned below.

  • I Got Horny
  • In God’s Hands (clothing company)
  • Imperial General Headquarters (Japan)
  • Inspector General Honorary
  • Immeuble de Grande Hauteur
  • Instantaneous Gas Heater
  • Inver Grove Heights (Minnesota)
  • Immunoreactive Growth Hormone (also seen as IRGH)
  • Ichikawa General Hospital (Chiba, Japan)
  • Institut de Génétique Humaine
  • Interim Government of Haiti
  • Institute of Gender and Health (Canada)

Final Words

Apart from all these meanings, people strongly believe that IGH stands for I am going home. Now that is a total meaning of all the meanings that I mentioned above. This slang IGH came into the trend in 2022 but did you know that it was used in between the 1990s.

Some people use it as a sarcastic way to close any conversations whenever they get bored. Over the period of time this slang has become less popular but still used by many people all over social media.

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