DE Error in LG Washing Machine – One Step Solution

Are you stuck with your washing LG machine?? Not working? My mom has been having some problems with our new LG washing machine. Every time she starts the machine its shoes dE error in the display. So she called me in the morning asking me for help. 

TBH, I got stuck too so I did some research on Google to get the solutions. Keep on reading to see what solutions I found!!

DE Error in LG Washing Machine

I got one solution that says that you have not properly closed the machine. And After checking the machine and closing it properly the machine starts again!! Sadly the Error appeared again!! There was another problem so I went to search again. 

I got detailed information at the official website of LG

Solution I found that Worked

All you have to do is remove the power cable and press the start/pause button for 5 seconds then just plug in the machine and turn on the power. That’s it!! 

This is a simple process of restating the washing machine. So whenever you see dE error just do the steps. 

Here is a video by LG

Final Words

This thing has saved the cost of plumber that may cost me like $100 or more. When you see any error it’s always a good thing to research by yourself. I have this solution worked for you as well. Let me know in the comment!! 

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