Real Estate in Thailand: How to Generate Profit in Pattaya

Thousands of people from all over the world choose Thailand as a place for profitable real estate investments. The kingdom has a lot to offer expatriates seeking to generate good returns here, including positive economic conditions, a unique living environment, and attractive tax incentives. On top of that, a tropical climate, proximity to the sea, and sandy beaches. 

When it comes to purchasing real estate, Pattaya is one of the places that comes to mind first. Being a part of the Eastern Economic Corridor, the city today is not only a popular resort but also a developed economic centre that provides many opportunities for earning a stable income. What makes this place so appealing? How can investors generate the maximum profit here? And where do you find the best deals? In this article, we will answer all these questions together with Thailand-Real.Estate.

Benefits of investing in real estate in Pattaya

One of the main reasons for choosing Pattaya to buy real estate is the region’s thriving economy. As mentioned above, Pattaya is part of the Eastern Economic Corridor, which is the most economically advanced area of Thailand. Within the project’s framework, urban networks, industrial zones, and infrastructure are being developed. So today, Pattaya boasts a high rate of economic growth as well as favourable conditions for the real estate market. 

What’s more, Pattaya is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year, the city hosts about 12 million foreign visitors, providing a positive environment for investors to earn money, especially during the high season. 

The climate is another thing worth mentioning. In Pattaya, you can enjoy a resort environment with beautiful weather all year round, sandy beaches, and a warm sea. Moreover, thanks to well-developed infrastructure, you have access to all the necessary facilities to ensure a high quality of life, including an efficient road network, proximity to Bangkok’s Suvarnaphum International Airport, high-quality international schools, hospitals, and medical centres. 

Types of properties in Pattaya

Due to the economic development and tourist inflow, active construction of new residential complexes is taking place in Pattaya. Unlike Phuket, where villas are in greater demand, the construction of high-rise buildings with flats is flourishing here. Buying apartments in Pattaya for investment is extremely popular among expats. The choice of property is diverse. You can consider a compact studio with a sea view, a spacious four-bedroom apartment for a big family, or a more modest flat option further away from the beach. Competition among property developers is high, so they are trying to offer more premium amenities to stand out. They may include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Private gym
  • Guarded parking
  • BBQ areas
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Security and concierge services.

There is both off-plan and secondary housing in Pattaya. The choice of property will depend on your investment goals. It is crucial to outline your strategy before choosing real estate. A professional broker can help you with this. In general, properties under construction are cheaper, and prices rise as commissioning nears. You also get the opportunity to pay in instalments.  However, with ready-made housing, you can start generating profit right after concluding a deal. 

As for the prices for flats in Pattaya, they depend on different factors, including location, proximity to the sea, views from the windows, on-site amenities, and the novelty of the building. The price will also differ between off-plan and finished developments. It can vary from $30,000 for a compact studio to $1 million for a luxury four-bedroom condominium. For example, a studio flat of 25 sq. m. in a finished premium-class complex with a great variety of on-site amenities and a convenient location will cost approximately $60,000. 

Ways to profit from real estate 

There are different ways to earn income from property. Among them are: 

  • Resale during a construction process or upon its completion. Real estate at the construction phase is always cheaper than the finished one. However, the price is increasing, as construction gets closer to completion. An investor can fix the profit by selling the property when the construction proceeds to a new stage or when the keys are handed over. With the properly chosen unit, the price rises by 25–30% during the construction period.
  • Rentals. It is a convenient way to generate steady passive income. There are two strategies: short-term and long-term rentals. These two types are very different, so it is up to the investor to decide which one suits him best. The average return on investment (ROI) in Pattaya is 80–10%, and it can even reach 15% in some fortunately placed seaside properties.
  • Buy-rent-sell. This is the most well-balanced strategy that maximises returns in the medium term. According to the strategy, investors buy property at the initial stage. Lease it for several years, earning a passive income. In 5–7 years, sell the property at a higher price.  Thus, a return of 30–40 % can be achieved in seven years.

Other benefits

In Pattaya, it is easy to find a property located in a freehold zone. When buying real estate in such an area, you get full ownership of the property and can use it without any restrictions. However, there is one difficulty that overseas investors have to face when buying a home in Thailand. Foreigners are not allowed to own land in the Kingdom. The good news is that this rule should not bother you if you are going to buy an apartment in one of the residential complexes in Pattaya. Unless it is in a freehold territory, you will have full ownership of the property. In addition, you do not need to pay annual property taxes. You only pay income tax that ranges from 5 to 30%, depending on the amount of profit. 

Choose your property in Pattaya 

You can start choosing your ideal property in Pattaya today with Thailand-Real.Estate. This real estate aggregator has an impeccable reputation and years of experience. They offer a great number of properties from leading developers. With their help, you will effortlessly find something that perfectly suits your requirements. 

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