What Are Nesting Coffee Tables?

Looking for something new for your living room? Or want to change a bit in the house furniture? If that’s the case then there is no better option than having a nesting coffee table in your living room!! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

They are so versatile and can change the entire look of any space. These tables are an innovative solution for flexibility in living space. 

They come in a set of two or more that are specially designed to fit snugly together that helps in saving storage.

Today I will be sharing the concept of nesting tables, a unique version of coffee table that brings a modern twist in the classic designs and interiors.

The History Of Nested Tables

Did you know – the concept of these nesting tables has been there for centuries. Their origins tracing back to the late 18th century. 

The original design of Nested Tables was for the use of tea service, however they have evolved over time to serve various purposes or sometimes just to add a touch up into your interiors.๐Ÿค“

The adaptation of this design into coffee tables is a relatively recent development, reflecting modern needs for adaptable and space-efficient furniture.

Nesting Coffee Tables

Source: Set of 2 Small Nesting Coffee Tables – ThunderWood Studio

Pros and Cons

As we have discussed previously, one of the most useful advantages of nesting coffee tables is their space saving design. They’re perfect for small apartments or rooms where space is at a premium.

Moreover they offer versatility in arrangement and can be used as separate side tables as well. And this is what makes them special. 

Potential downside is that when all tables are in use it can take up more space than a single table. Moreover the smaller table tent or less surface area that might not be used as a traditional coffee table..

How To Choose?

When selecting a nesting coffee table, consider the following:

Set of 2 or 3: a set of two offers simplicity, while a set of three provides more surface area and arrangement options.

Placement: consider the available space and how the tables will be used. They should be easily accessible yet not obstruct the roomโ€™s flow.

Colors: choose colors that complement your existing interior decor. Neutral colors offer versatility, while bold colors can make a statement.That also depends on your own choice!! 

Different Types Of Nesting Table

Nesting tables come in various forms, From traditional designs to contemporary styles. My favourite designs include stackable units, tables with sliding mechanisms, and those with overlapping tops. Each type offers a unique aesthetic and functional appeal.

Nested Wooden Tables – ThunderWood Studio

Nested Wooden Tables

Materials used in nesting coffee table

  • With epoxy resin: epoxy resin tables are known for their durability and unique designs, often incorporating color and patterns.
  • Wood: wooden nesting tables offer a classic and warm feel, suitable for many dรฉcor styles.
  • Metal: metal tables provide a modern and industrial look, often featuring sleek lines and a minimalist design.
  • Glass: glass tables are perfect for a contemporary and elegant appearance, making a room feel more open and light.


No doubt that next coffee tables are stylish and the best edition to your home. As they provide flexibility, save space and come in various designs with different materials to suit your needs and interior design too. 

You can choose anything from a traditional design to a modern epoxy resin finish that fits perfectly everywhere.. ๐Ÿ˜

Hope you have enjoyed the article. Let me know what next you want me to write! Till then keep on reading!! . ๐Ÿ˜‡

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