What does RIZZ mean on TikTok – Do You Have It?

Rizz, sounds catchy ! right ? Rizz is officially a word now, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  

The word is made popular by Twitch streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat, ‘rizz’ has regularly been used by the content creator to emphasize his charming skills to impress women. 

However if you’re not a follower of social media personality Kai Cenat, you might see yourself in a completely confused position.

So What does RIZZ mean on TikTok ? Here you will know everything. 😎

What does RIZZ mean on TikTok

Rizz is basically an abbreviation for “charisma,” and in simple words it means “an ability to charm” or “woo” a person”. It’s pronounced just the way it’s spelled, “rizz”. The term found its space into teenage slang through TikTok and other social media. Rizz doesn’t mean being hot — though that can be part of it. And it isn’t being cool — although, again, that can be a factor.

W Rizz, L Rizz and more

With time the term has not only got famous beating out “Swiftie,” “situationship” and “beige flag,” among others, to be named the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year.

It has also adopted a number of variations, detailed below :

  • W Rizz : W” is a slang term that means “win.” Here, it modifies “rizz” to mean that someone is full of rizz. This sign signifies full of rizz, or charisma.
  • L Rizz : L rizz” is a total lack of romantic charisma.If someone has “L rizz,” it means that they’re not really good at attracting other people, but rather repel them. functional opposite of W rizz.
  • Unspoken rizz : Someone possessing an unspoken rizz doesn’t really have to say anything in order to attract another person. They are charming and alluring just by being there. Although some may disagree as rizz’s initial meaning specially referred to one’s ability to chat someone up.
  • Rizz God, the Rizzler, Rizzly Bear, etc.: now these terms are some cheesy names for someone who is a bank of Rizz, some who is really admired.

Cool terms keep coming up and we are happy to keep you updated, stay connected.😇😇

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