How Old is Bowser? What is the Real Age of Bowser in Mario

Are you a big fan of Mario game? who isn’t? today we will talk about a well-known evil character bowser. Most of the Mario Fans ask about Bowser age and family like how old is Bowser? and so on. So we will clear all of these questions in our today’s blog. keep on reading…

How Old is Bowser?

As we know that Bowser is the main villain in Mario game. Bowser’s exact age is yet to be known but it is the fact that he is older than Mario and Luigi. Some say that Bowser is more than 100 years old or maybe thousands of years old. By this we can save that Bowser is quite old and the age of Bowser is the mystery of Mario world.

Bowser is quite large and powerful who leads an army of smaller Koopas. Bowser kidnaps princess peach from mushroom Kingdom. later on Mario saves her from Bowser.

So is Bowser really bad? given the fact that he is a top most enemy of Mario. he always tries to kidnap princess speech from mushroom kingdom. however some players have argued that it is just a misunderstanding by bowser or he may be misguided by someone.

In both cases there is one thing that Bowser is the strongest character of Mario game series that we cannot deny. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more updates.

How Old is Bowser
What is the age of Bowser Jr.?

Bowser junior is the youngest character in Mario series. he is consistently showing to be very young compared to his peers. Sadly his age has never been declared. Despite of his young self he is quite powerful compared to any other characters of Mario game.

Can bowser take off his shelf?

This is the most common question as by many players and Mario fans. sadly this is still unknown about this shelf has framed attached to his body that makes him even more stronger.

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