Pokemon Trick or Trade Card List: Unveiling the Spooky Secrets

The coming of Halloween is a mixed occasion of excitement and joy that wait for the Pokémon fanatic. Fans of Pokemon including me, are promised good tidings this year as “Trick or Trade” booster pack is released and contains an array of thirty Pokemon decorated both with creepy motive and tricky feel. Get ready to explore the creepy world of Pokémon filled with ghosts and trickery.

Pokemon Trick or Trade Card List

A collection of anything that would be found under the heading, “Trick or Trade” booster box is an excellent choice for every Pokémon admirer and supporter of October holiday. The special set includes Mimikyu or a mischievous Pokémon and gengar which is an extremely powerful Pokémon. The cards are exquisitely printed and every picture has a ghoulish motif portraying what Halloween symbolizes.

The secret behind Pokemon trick or tradecard

Following is the list of the types of Pokemon trickcards


The tree of this Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon is claimed to be the spirit of a chopped off ancient tree. In forests it wanders at night looking for another place to settle down.


Trevenant is an evolved variant of Phantump which is one of the most powerful Grass/Ghost type Pokemon. It is said to have been spawned by the spirits of trees that had been chopped-down and left to decay.


It has a chain that drags after it and it is a Ghost/Grass-type Pokémon. So, it is claimed to be the spirit of a sailor who drowned away at the seas.


It is fiercely loyal, but a vicious Pokemon of Dark/Fire-type. It is regarded as the defender of the underworld.


There are many myths surrounding this Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon, one of them stating that it represents the spirits of those who perished in a blaze. People believe it attracts people towards dark areas, and steals the soul.


According to rumors, the transformed form of Litwick known as Lampent is even more lethal than its ancestor. It feeds on the vital essence of others so that it can gain more vigor.


Chandelure is the last of the evolution and it is potent Ghost/Fire-typed Pokémon. According to legends, it is considered as the spirit of an old woman who was killed and placed on a stake.


One of the most renowned Pokémon around the world is this Electric-type Pokémon. It has a jovial character and strong electric attacks.


This Rock-type Pokémon comes in three different forms: Mid-Day Form, Night Form, Twilight Form. Every form has its own distinct outlook and faculties.

Galarian Runerigus

Dusclops is the evolved from of Yamask, which is a kind of Ghost and Ground type Pokémon. A vengo is supposed to be the soul of a dead person who left behind unrealized desires.


It can also be called a ghost or poison type Pokemon that is renowned for its playful character. It is believed to be the soul of one whose death was violent.


It is suggested that Haunter is more mischievous than Gastly did. He loves to give people a scare.


Gengar is the last stage that Gastly undergoes, and he is a highly potent ghost and poison type Pokemon. It is often referred to as being the malicious spirit or spirit of the dying man.


It is also referred as the spirits of a child that perished at a hospital. It has been observed to cry during the night, looking for its deceased parents.


According to their legend, Dusclops are stronger than they used to be when in their previous forms as called Duskulls. They say it can suck out other’s life force.


Dusknoir is a robust Pokémon in the Ghost-type and it represents the last form of evolution of Duskull. It is believed to have power over the dead.


According to mythology, this ghost type Pokemon is the spirit of an abandoned toy. The doll has a lot of other dolls which it manipulates to play various roles.


Banette is claimed to be an avenging ghost that has changed its form over time. Dolls are well-known for cursing people who either leave them behind or maltreat them.


It was believed that this is the ghost of a witch who burned at stake. They know how to do magic.


According to legends, this is a Ghost/Flying-type Pokémon that embodies the spirit of a small child killed while flying a kite, who has come back to avenge his death. It’s a known abductor of kids for the land beyond.


Drifblin is considered more hazardous version of DRIFLOON. It is notorious for transporting babies to deserted places.

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