Why Eula Can’t Resist Monster Meat? Know Everything in Details

Are you also a big fan of Genshin impact? of course who does not love playing this game. Eula is my most favourite character in the game. So today we will talk about her in-depth. The most common thing that players know about her is that “Eula can’t resist monster meat“. It is the secret of her energy and power. She is good with attack speed and burst damage.

Why Eula Can’t Resist Monster Meat?

Well, we all know that Eula love all type of monster meets.. It’s like her secret for the energy and high damage in the game. She can’t help herself to crave for the juicy flash of monsters. Did you know there is a sweet named The Carnivore by her love for monster meat.

Not every character in the game would find this healthy. But she doesn’t care about anything. She believes that it is the toxin that makes the monster meet more flavorful and juicy. According to Eula nothing taste better than a tender roasted meat.

Types of Monster Meat That Eula Loves

There are different types of Monster in the game. The flavour depends on the type of meat and monster. Here are four basic monster type mentioned below.

  1. Giganotosaurus
  2. Giant snake
  3. Dragon
Eula Can't Resist Monster Meat

Where to Find the Best Monster Meat?

To find the best quality monster meat you should know the best place for hunting. You can also search some videos on YouTube that will really help. Most of the monster are located in hunting grounds they all are roaming there. If you’re looking for a raw meat, You can find it in a variety of location. below or some of the best ways to find raw meat. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more updates.

  1. From enemy drops
  2. Chest
  3. From Vendor
Is Eula Free to play character in Genshin?

Eula is pretty Free to play character in the game. It is free because she does not require any five star weapon for dealing high damage.

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