LEGO Piece 26047 – Know Everything About This Lego Part in Depth

As we know that LEGO is a plastic toy construction that is manufactured by the LEGO group. When I was a kid I was so obsessed with these legos.. these are nothing but small plastic parts of any structure. 

If you combine all together then it becomes a thing like a house or any type of construction. Even today I have my own Lego house that I recreate every month or sometimes twice a month. 

However, recently there is one piece from Lego that is getting more attention that is Lego piece 26047. Do you know anything about the piece why it is so famous? If you don’t know about it, don’t worry. Today will only talk about Lego piece 26047 and why people search this a lot on Google..

LEGO Piece 26047

If you talk about the physical structure of Lego piece 26047, it’s a 1X1 spherical plate that has a bar handle. This piece was created years back in 2016. Each Lego piece has a unique shape and design that helps you determine which part belongs to the right one. 

This creates a lot of fun. And that is the whole Moto for this game to keep you busy and keep you thinking. And that’s the only reason I love this game. The Lego piece 26047 is used in around 300 plus sets and 13 pieces.

Why is the LEGO piece 26047 going viral on the Internet?

2 years back in 2021 a TikToker uploaded a video and within a week it got more than a million views. In that video it was a joke that a guy made a Lego piece 26047. The Lego piece 26047 also got attention from the game Among Us.

Can LEGO pieces 26047 break?

Every piece of Lego is made from a very strong plastic material. And there are less chances that it can get broken. However in some cases it can be broken.

Where LEGO pieces 26047 is Used?

Lego piece26047 is used in 300 plus sets, 13 pieces and 10 + minifigures.

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