How Much Does the Earth Cost? – Value of Our Planet

Our Planet is the only planet that has life on it. Earth is the only one on whose surface water and other necessities of life are present. Its radius is about three thousand nine hundred miles. Have you ever thought about the net worth of the earth or how much does the earth cost? today we will cover and answer these questions for you. So, keep reading..

How Much Does The Earth Cost?

Astronomy teacher and astrophysicist Greg Laughlin at the University of California successfully devised a formula to calculate the total cost of Earth. He also estimated the value of two other planets. Calculating the cost of the neighboring planets viz: Mars and Venus allowed the scientists to emphasize the importance of the Earth in comparison to all the other planets present in the Solar System.

According to Greg, the earth is very expensive. He has estimated the value of the earth at 5 quadrillion dollars. They have made these calculations keeping in mind the cost of trees, rivers, oceans, natural resources, and precious stones.

Who Calculated Earth’s Value?

In the year 2009, NASA launched the Kepler spacecraft in Cape Canaveral to start its three-and-a-half-year mission. The moto behind was to find Earth-like planets in the space.

Greg Laughlin was the astrophysics professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, during that time. And he was “completely energized” by that mission.

So, he calculated the costs of the other terrestrial planets and exoplanets. After that he shared his formula over one of his blogs for calculating.

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How much does Mars cost? presents the values of various planets in 2022. The calculations were done by astrophysicist Greg Laughlin. According to him, the price of Mars is 16,000 dollars. Wherein, Venus is the cheapest.
Therefore, Earth is the most expensive planet in the Solar System among all other known planets.

Can you buy the moon

According to the Outer Space Treaty developed in 1967, all countries can plant their flags on the Moon, but there is no sense of actual ‘ownership’ of outer space. Therefore, no one can buy or sell the earth.

Can you buy a star?

Unfortunately, there’s no place where you can buy stars. There are some private organisations that claim to name or sell stars. People should have information about these institutions. The International Astronomical Union, based in France, is responsible for naming the stars.

Who calculated the cost of the earth?

Astronomy teacher and astrophysicist Greg Laughlin at the University of California successfully devised a formula to calculate the total cost of Earth

Final Words

I honestly feel that calculating Earth’s value would be not be as accurate as we think. And it will not be fair to even calculating the value because it is more valuable than anything. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more updates.

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