When Was Walking Invented? and Who Invented Walking?

Studies and research shows that humans did not become fully bipedal until 1.9 million years ago. While other animals did walk before to survive the varying landscapes in their surroundings. 1.9 million years ago, our ancestors had already developed angled femurs, stronger knees, and a curved spine to be able to walk. Additionally, longer femurs from Homo erectus allowed humans to walk faster.

When Was Walking Invented?

Scientists believe that we first appeared on Earth about 300,000 years ago and are the only surviving members of the hominin human tribe.

You must have read that we evolved from apes in the theory of evolution. Scientists have indeed discovered similarities between humans and apes.

The first hominin, Sahelanthropus tchadensis, marked the human genome’s break from a previous shared ancestor with great apes and chimpanzees. From that first hominin, the tribe evolved over millions of years, and one of the major adaptations for modern humans is human walking.

Whatever the case, humans and their ancestors started walking very early in their evolutionary history. Even though bipedalism came before tool making, an upright posture freed the hands to make and use tools, which eventually became the hallmark of humans like us.

When Humans Started Walking with Two Legs?

Our ancestors eight started walking around 6 million years ago, however it wasn’t until the emerge of Homo erectus around 2 million ago that they upgraded or evolved long lag and started walking as we are now.

The ancestors anatomy changed several times on the road to true bipedalism. Like their pelvis and lower limbus reshaped that brought the knees and feet underneath the body of center gravity.


So, who invented walking? Well, no one, really. When was walking invented? It was a feature that evolved over several million years. Some early human ancestors were not fully bipedal. There is no hard fact that explains why man invented walking. We only have speculations as to why our ancestors evolved the trait, and well, we have them to thank for that. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more updates.

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