33+ Cheap House Siding Ideas for The Exterior of Your Home – Small Modern Farmhouse Sidings

Greetings everyone. Today we will talk about different ways to renovate your exterior. House siding ideas can help you do exactly that. If you are looking for such ideas then you are going to the right place.

House Siding Ideas

The exterior is the most fundamental thing when it comes to renovating your home. Sometimes it can be challenging too but don’t worry. We are here to share more than 30+ ideas and designs that you can use. I have done extensive research on siding for home exteriors. These will really enhance the overall exterior look of your home. It also includes different colours for siding, wood siding, vinyl siding, and more. let’s dive right in

1. Neutral

You don’t need bold or bright house siding all the time. Sometimes neutral works best. You can add a wood color that looks more than ordinary siding and can really enhance your home from the outside.

 Neutral House Siding Ideas

2. Mix up

It includes many things at the same time. Like windows you can also add a variety of colors and materials to your home’s siding. It’s not always a good idea to use the same color or material for siding.

Mix up House Siding Ideas

3. Additional Appeal for Sidings

Sometimes you have an extra attachment to your main home. You can add different colors and textures to your spare space. This can be your garage or storage house.

Additional Appeal for Sidings

4. Using Panels for Siding

Don’t underestimate the overall look of the panels. Trust me it will really enhance and also give a modern look to the siding of your house.

Using Panels for Siding

5. Windows for Siding

This is a very unique way to make your own siding for the house. It can be expensive but you can also use recycled windows to create a fancy and traditional look.

Windows for Siding

6. Using Different Textures for Siding

Modern contemporary homes solve the best angles for siding. You can use more texture to bring life to these modern homes. This will really benefit you to make your house look stylish and modern.

Using Different Textures for Siding

7. Roofing

Use a variety of roofing felts that match well with your siding. You can use some color combinations that go well together. Also use the same type of material to make it more beautiful.


8. Siding Heights for Visual

Adding height to your siding to make it more visual. Height will make your home appear taller and give it a distinct texture.

Siding Heights for Visual

9. Beach House Sidings

Of course, who doesn’t love beaches? If you want a fresh change in your exterior or if you have a home near a beach or water body then this will be perfect for your home.

Beach House Sidings

10. Traditional Touch

You can also use architectural panels to give your home a cottage look. This will add a certain interest to the exterior of your home. 

Trimmed Sidings

11. Trimmed Traditional Sidings

It is not always about the visuals but the dreamy design that attracts the most. You can use heavy coloured things to make it stand out.


12. Simple Colours

As I say, simplicity is best. Create eye-catching siding with a texture of simple colors and you’re good to go.

Simple Colours

13. Different Direction for Sidings

You can simply change the direction of the siding for a fresh new look. You have a horizontal siding on the lower side of your house.

Different Direction for Sidings

14. Sidings with Matching Windows

This is a very unique way to make your home stand out from the rest. You can use blue with your matching window.

 Sidings with Matching Windows

15. Facade Sidings

Add a fireplace mantel made of fieldstone to your contemporary home. This one thing will cover the entire outer look. This will definitely ensure overall external balance.

Facade Sidings

16. Using Different Tone

You don’t need different colors and siding decoration all the time to create a great house exterior. Just use a different tone between the siding and trim for effectiveness.

Using Different Tone

17. Black and White Sidings

If you are confused with the exterior and what to choose.. then look no further and go with the black and white color combination.

Black and White Sidings

18. Long Lines for Sidings

Contemporary homes use two colors and sizes of lap siding, which run longitudinally with unbroken lines on the exterior.The warm and wood look siding makes a very gentle texture to your home.

Long Lines for Sidings

19. Dark Sidings

Colors have always stood for royalty and a unique texture to your home. They can also be used with light color combinations.

Dark Sidings

20. Multiple Colours

Why stick to just one colour? Be bold with a variety of color combinations and achieve an eye-catching appearance for your exterior sidings.

Multiple Colours

21. Wood Appearance Siding

Wood sidings may cost you a bit but it would be perfect for a farmhouse exterior decor. This will make your house look royal indeed.

Wood Appearance Siding

22. Victorian Style Sidings

Victorian style siding is my favourite. They are different from all other siding ideas. But it may cost you a bit. If you have a good budget then you go for Victorian Siding Ideas.

Victorian Style Sidings

23. Sidings With Classic Look

Classic siding should have additions like a stone fireplace with a darker texture. You can also use black color and also different patterns of black color.

Sidings With Classic Look

24. Farmhouse Style Siding

If you have a good outdoor space then this would be an ideal siding for your home. They are cheap and really convenient.

 Farmhouse Style Siding

25. Siding With Porch

You can use Screened in post which will be an added feature in your home. This will also make your home look great.

 Siding With Porch

26. Saturated Colours Siding

Some colors that look really cool if you apply them when they are fully saturated. And guess what green color it is. It will make a huge statement for your home

Saturated Colours Siding

27. Rustic Style Siding

Some lodges on the mountain and other buildings in the countryside sometimes use something like peeling log columns. You can add decorative features and see siding to support them.

Rustic Style Siding

28. Brick Siding

Brick siding just isn’t old. You can still use it as a composite or accessory siding in your home. This would be perfect for your home. It is also an affordable way to decorate your home.

Brick Siding

29. Siding With Protruding Panel

Embossed panels are a unique way to make your siding look amazing and modern at the same time.

Siding With Protruding Panel

30. Multi Sidings

You can take more than two sidings with different materials and colors and combine them as one. It would be perfect for a cottage style home.

Multi Sidings

31. Vinyl Siding Ideas

Vinyl siding is made from exterior plastic for homes and small buildings. They are very handy and affordable too. People use this type of siding in place of cement siding and aluminum siding. They are very light and come off easily.

 Vinyl Siding Ideas

32. Stone Siding

Stone siding is one of the costlier siding. It requires more effort than any other siding. But it is worth doing if your budget is good..

 Stone Siding

33. Chappal Inspired Sidings

This siding is very special and made for a religious sandal design. If you want a different type of siding which is religious and spiritual then you should go for it.

Chappal Inspired Sidings

34. Burgundy Board Siding

Burgundy is a very bold color that you can use in your sidings to create a unique look. You can add white color to enhance the overall look.

Burgundy Board Siding

35. Wooden Siding Ideas

Wood siding is commonly referred to by people living in rural areas. There is a wide variety of styles including modern farmer exterior siding etc.

wooden Siding Ideas

Things to Consider for Siding 

Whether you’re starting a new build or remodelling an older home, few things can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal like new siding.Following are the most basic things that you should know before renovating your exterior

Contrasting Colour

While subtle palettes were on trend for so many years, homeowners are now turning to more dynamic exterior colour combinations .

Landscape Awareness

When choosing a colour, it is necessary to consider neighbouring houses. Of course, you don’t have to match, but coordinating colours can promote cohesion. In addition, new attention is being paid to exterior elements, such as landscaping and hardscaping, to ensure that these elements blend with the surrounding environment for a more integrated, harmonious exterior.

House Styles to Help You Narrow Down Your Selection

Do you know your home style? Using the original style of your home as a starting point for exterior changes is usually the best technique.The follwong are the different types of House Design.

Cottage Country 

These homes feature jovial, storybook characters. If your home reflects a rustic style and is complete with steep roof pitches and arched doorways, you can put yourself in the Cottage Country Style category.

Cottage Country 


One of the most popular styles in the United States is the Colonial home. With two or three floors, windows and fireplaces are the main features. Do you have these facilities in your home?



Does the architectural character of your home include modern materials? Does it have a post-and-beam structure and is devoid of unnecessary details? If so, then you fall into the modern contemporary category.



The ranch house is noted for its tall, close-to-the-ground profile and minimal use of exterior decor. These homes blend modernist ideas and styles to create a modern lifestyle. Your home belongs here if it reflects these features.



These are mostly found in urban areas, row houses, commonly known as townhouses. They are two or more floors with a traditional layout and minimum lawn space.



If your home doesn’t follow a particular style, but instead has a variety of features, you may fall into this category. Traditional style homes combine practicality and accessibility with a classic appearance. Functionality is a distinguishing feature of the traditional house as well as its simple design.



How much does siding cost on a house?

It costs an average of $15 per square foot to install siding on a house. This cost can drop to as low as $5 per square foot for those choosing the most economical option. More expensive materials can cost from $40 to $60 per square foot. Common siding types include brick, wood, fibre cement, metal, vinyl and stone.

What is siding on a house?

Siding is a layer of material placed on exposed areas of a home. Typically, siding is made of wood, stone, brick, stucco, metal, or composite materials.

What is the best home cladding?

Durable and strong fibre cement siding is an excellent exterior siding option for those looking to last at least 30 years. Fibre cement siding is especially good for homeowners living in harsh climates because it can withstand severe weather including hail and high winds.

House Siding Ideas

Final Words

You can choose from a variety of traditional horizontal, vertical, insulated siding, and partitions and dividers to blend in with the style and design of your home. Print or download your unique design and use it as a template for your projects. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more ideas.

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