9+ Concrete Patio Ideas on a Budget for Small Backyard – Simple Yet Modern Stamped Concrete Plans

Are you looking for ideas to make your backyard look awesome? If yes then you have come to the right place. In this article we will discuss the 9 + concrete patio Ideas on the budget. Concrete patio ideas are a very different and unique way to make your outdoor and small backyard look wonderful.

Concrete Patio Ideas on a Budget

Following are the best Concrete patio ideas on a budget that anyone can afford.  

1. Adding Different Types of Materials

Combining two or three materials in your veranda will completely change the overall look. You can add pavers and bricks to your concrete patio. This also helps to give your small backyard a colourful look.

Different Types of Materials

2. Add a Beautiful Lounge

If you have a simple concrete patio in your back veranda, you can add a coloured lounge to the corner to have a cosy and beautiful look. Bold colours like burgundy, blue, black, orange and yellow are used.

Adding a Beautiful Lounge

3. Plants And Herbs

You may also have natural and synthetic plants in your concrete patio backyard. Artificial plants are really affordable and do not take any maintenance costs. If you are a gardener or a plant lover, you can also grow vegetables and herbs there.

Adding Plants Herbs

4. Add a Geometric Shape

If you want to have modern design features with rich textures, then add some geometric shaped objects such as fountains and furniture. Use a variety of furniture designs such as a coffee table, and outdoor furniture.

Adding a Geometric Shape

5. Cozy Hammock 

If you have a small backyard and there is no such place for furniture, you should go for an outdoor hammock . This will really look perfect to your patio. There are different types of hammocks you can choose. You can buy one from Amazon.

Adding a Cozy Hammock

6. Adding Gazebo

If you really want to make a wonderful concrete patio, you should consider buying a wooden gazebo. They are quite trendy these days. This will cost you about $ 2,000 or more. So if you have a big budget you can go for this.

Adding Gazebo

7. Bench of Wood

In the case of a small concrete backyard. You can get a small bench of wood that can really increase the overall appearance of your patio. You can sit there in the evening and have your coffee or tea.

Bench of Wood

8. Go with All White

By that I mean that all the accessories you add to your concrete floor should be in color like all those white furniture and cushions in the seat. This will give your patio a modern look.

Go with All White

9. Adding Terracotta Tiles

In your concrete floor you can add or mix terracotta tiles which are really affordable. If you are looking for a fresh and different idea, you should go for this.

Terracotta Tiles

10. Customized Fire Pit

How can I forget the fire pit of course? This is an old way during winter. You can spend the night with your friends in the night enjoying the fire pit. We all have good memories of friends with the fire pit.

Customised Fire Pit

11. The Fountain or pool

Adding a water body to your concrete patio would be a beautiful thing to make your backyard look wonderful. It will also help keep the environment cool during the summer. Maintaining a pool or fountain can sometimes be difficult but it is worth doing.

Fountain pool

12. Stamped Concrete

If you want to add a permanent beauty to your patio, consider stamped concrete. This refers to the concrete that has been patterned or textured like other materials such as slate, brick and stone. This is an easy way to pour the style and interest in your patio to save some money.

Stamped Concrete


How to clean a concrete patio?

You can use dish soap with water to clean your concrete floor. Dish soap is a degreaser, so it’s good for cleaning gritty concrete. Make a mixture of warm water and a few drops of dish soap, then apply it to the floor or stain. Let it rest for a while, then wet the patio and rinse it with fresh water.

How to fix cracks in the concrete patio?

If your concrete patio has cracks, don’t worry!! They can be easily repaired. In some cases concrete crack repair can be as simple as a DIY project, but sometimes a professional concrete contractor may be needed to repair the damage and in extreme cases your concrete may need to be replaced.

Concrete Patio Ideas

Things to Consider

Before you start working on the aspects of your concrete patio backyard, you should focus on its stability. If the surface is cracked, ginger or uneven, you should correct these issues, or over time it will be worse. As slurry is difficult, concrete is flat and stable, which allows you to work on your budget-friendly remodelling patio ideas without worrying about future stability problems. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more ideas.

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