WTW Meaning in Text Snapchat, And Instagram

Did you get any message like “WTW ” during the chat on Snapchat? Don’t Worry you are not the only one. This is a very common slang used by social media users over chat. Today, I will talk about the different meanings of WTW  on Snapchat. And Instagram in this blog.

WTW Meaning in Text Snapchat

It is widely used over social media for online communication. Wtw stands for “what’s the word?” It is generally used to ask someone what’s new or what is happening around.

It is just like we are greeting each other in chat and using the word whassup or how’s going on.. it’s a very common weight to start a conversation or check in with someone..

Here are a few examples

  • “Hello buddy, WTW ? Haven’t heard from you since long.”
  • “Just wanted to check on you and see WTW .”

Different Ways of Using WTW

Want to know how to use WTW? It’s simple and easy. Here are a few tips on how to use WTW on snapchat and Instagram. 

  • Casual Way: WTW is an informal abbreviation, so I would suggest you to use it in a casual context. Like, you might use it when texting a friend, but don’t use it in a professional setting.
  • Be specific: If you’re using WTW to ask your friends about their plans, it’s best to be more specific. For example, you could say “WTW this weekend? Want to go to the beach on Sunday Mate?”

Alternatives to WTW

Following are the most common alternatives to WTW

  • Sup – Short Form of  “what’s up?”This is a normal greeting that can be used in different contexts. It can be used to start a conversation or check in with someone if they are okay. 
  • Hru – Short Form for “how are you?” and is a good way to start a conversation with someone you are chatting with your best friend. It’s a bit more personal than “wtw”..
  • What’s New? – This would be a better choice if you want to have a more general conversation starter. It’s more open-ended than “wtw”.

Final Words

Although there are many different meanings of WTW, I have shared the meanings that are widely used over social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram and other apps as well. 

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