How To Choose The Right Aquatic Play Structure from Vortex?

Aquatic Play Structures or Aquatic Play Units, aka APUs, can be a game-changer experience for your park or establishment. 

You might have a city park, theme park, neighborhood pool, community spaces, or other attractions. When you add an aquatic entertainment feature, it just elevates your business to a whole new level. 

But for that, you would prefer first to find yourself a leading and reliable aquatic play structures provider. 

It is better to find a company that is not just a splash pad or waterside supplier but a one-stop shop for all aquatic feature solutions. Vortex, a well-reputed company in this category, is a great example. 

Other than that, you need clarity on what type of aquatic play structure you want, which we will address here. 

Choose Based On the Budget And Size Of The Park

One of the essential aspects that will help you decide on the aquatic play structure to choose is your budget and the park’s size. 

You can filter your options based on your budget and the space you own where you want to install the system. 

Which Type Of Park Do You Have To Add An Aquatic Feature? 

Factors you need to consider to choose the right aquatic structure also depend on your park type. 

For Neighbourhood Pools / Community Places 

When you want to add APU to neighborhood places and pools, you should add games, slides, and other activities based on a large audience. Make sure it is more inclusive to all sorts of people. 

There is a set of safety considerations you need to make, particularly for the neighborhood pools, such as water shoes for kids. 

Another thing you can do is pick a location that is near another attraction or entertainment zone. This makes it easier for parents to be near their two kids if another one chooses a different nearby spot. 

For City Park

You need to look for large infrastructure-based aquatic features for a city park because that will include a large number and variety of people. 

Also, put some safety measures and consideration to ensure visitors are aware of this new structure and how to use it safely. 

For Theme Parks 

If you want the right aquatic play structure for theme parks, consider something of a larger scale and more features. 

This will increase the footfall of the theme park, boosting the business, especially around the summers amongst families and kids. 

If you have a theme park or water park, consider aquatic structures depending on what attracts you and for which age group. 

Choose Based On Your Theme 

Another way to choose the right playground structure is to refer to your vision and the theme you want to incorporate.

Most of the time, the theme you pick or are already following in your theme park will dictate the type of aquatic play structure you will go for. 

The set of features you will choose must match your theme’s design, feel, and look.

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