Era of Elegance: The Allure of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century furniture has been the favourite look of designers and homeowners for a while, and the trend is still hot. Whether in the classic or modern designs it inspires, the furniture style can be found in homes worldwide.  

One of the reasons this furniture style is appealing to many is its versatility and ability to combine style, comfort and functionality in one. The simple, softly curved and beautifully tapered lines of the furniture are subtle enough to complement any design. 

Understanding Mid-Century Pieces

One of the main characteristics of mid-century furniture is the use of teak. This material choice is due to its durability, rich colours and ability to pair well with bold colours related to the period. 

Oak is another common type of wood used to make this furniture. Like teak, it is sturdy and long-lasting. However, its lighter colour makes it feel less overpowering than teak. As a result, it complements the milder, colder tones of mid-century modern decor better.

Beech, which is lighter than oak but stronger and more shock-resistant, is commonly used to build the frames of chairs and sofas. Due to its lighter hue, this material serves as a clear tribute to the influence of the Scandinavian movement. 

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

But wood is not the only material used to make this furniture. There are also pieces that incorporate metal, glass and vinyl. These are often used together as contrasting materials to achieve an interesting. These materials are often applied in furniture pieces with curved lines, such as round sofas and odd-shaped coffee tables. 

Other key features of this furniture style include a focus on function over ornament, simple geometric lines over ornate frills, and bold accent colours to help the pieces stand out in a room. 

Shopping Mid-Century Modern Furniture

You won’t have to search through antique sales and vintage furniture stores to find the perfect piece for your home. If you like to buy furniture online, know that many online furniture stores carry a wide range of mid-century furniture and accessories that will look stunning in every room in your home. You will, though, have to consider a few things to get it right.


When you buy furniture online, you need to keep in mind that mid-century pieces tend to be larger and more impressive than their sleek look suggests. Many of the popular sideboards of the era, for example, were made to a standard 2.10 centimetres length. A piece of that size would take up a significant amount of space in a room, so make sure you have it available before making your purchase. Although smaller versions are also available, you’ll find far more options in the larger size. 

In addition to having enough room for your new furniture piece, you’ll also need to make sure it can fit through the doors and can be manoeuvred into the space. 


Make sure the furniture is made from high-quality materials. For example, you can tell a piece is made from solid wood by simply looking at it. This way you ensure, that even if the piece isn’t a genuine one from the era, it’s still worth having. You may not be able to identify the kind of wood used but remember that solid wood is heavy. So, if you find yourself looking at something that is quite heft, it’s probably of great quality. 

Designers and Manufactures 

If you decide you want a genuine mid-century furniture piece, make sure you get familiar with the names of popular designers and manufacturers from the era before starting any negotiations. 

If you find a piece claiming it was a collaboration of two designers, stay away from it. Although it was common to see piece titles containing the designer’s and the manufacturer’s names (for example, Eames by Vitra), mush-up pieces by designers are rare to find. 

Styling Mid-Century Furniture

As mentioned before, mid-century furniture compliments any decor style, so it will be easy to add it to your home. Here are some ways you can do that.  

Combine It with Contemporary Pieces 

Consider combining mid-century pieces with contemporary decor to achieve a more balanced effect. The key is to achieve a look that doesn’t resemble a stuffy museum exhibit neither look like everything is brand new. Pick one or two Mid-Century pieces for your space like a chair or sideboard and pair them with more modern pieces like a modern sofa and a modern coffee table. Then, to add flair, experiment with lighting and accessories, pairing new items with vintage findings.

Style with Modern Accessories 

Take your mid-century furniture to another level by pairing it with modern accessories. Just make sure you don’t pack your shelves with accessories and vases from the same period. Instead, mix one or two vintage pieces with new vases and perhaps a few objects manufactured by local or small manufacturers.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Use Bold Hues 

Red, green, blue, and yellow flashes are prevalent in the Mid-Century design. Choosing a piece in a bold colour, such as yellow, is the easiest and most effective way to rock this style. If such a daring option isn’t for you, add yellow vases and bottles while keeping the rest of the plan neutral to let the colour shine.

Mix Different Wood Tones 

Combining furniture pieces in dark and mid-tone wood will give your space an informal, lived-in feel. To allow the different types of wood to stand out keeping the surround walls and accessories relatively neutral.

Incorporate Texture and Interest With Rugs 

This furniture style looks best when complemented by pieces with different textures, like for instance rugs. A rug under a dining table or coffee table adds a warmer, cosier atmosphere to your area while also being functional. But choose a more subdued design that won’t take the spotlight away from the furniture. 

Add Pattern with Wallpaper

Geometric patterns are a signature of mid-century modern design, so use a bold wallpaper to frame your focal piece of furniture. Here you’ll want to keep your accessories to a minimum to allow your furniture and walls to shine. 

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