5 Great Statement Pieces to Include in Your Home

Every nook and cranny of your home tells your story.

Your home isn’t just about functionality and the roof over your head. Your home is where you show your personality and emphasize the things most important to you. For me its a place where my heart beats and where I spend the best time of my life!! 🥰🥰

If you don’t have the budget to renovate your entire home, don’t you worry!! You can use statement pieces for a tiny fraction of the cost🤩🤩. Statement pieces are the showstoppers, the eye-catchers, the fairies that sprinkle fairy dust onto your room and turn it from bland to beautiful. 

These accents define your space without shelling out egregious amounts of money. 

Here, I’ll talk about statement pieces, why you need them, and how you can use our 5 ideas to elevate your decor

Let’s get to it!😎😎

What’s a Statement Piece and Why Should You Care?

You know when you enter a room and your eyes immediately look at a piece that stands out? 

That’s a statement piece! 🤓

And a good one at that, because it did its job and grabbed your attention. 

Statement pieces are standout items that are unique, eye-catching, and bold. For example, a statement piece can be a chandelier, a piece of art, a cool-looking chair, or even a rug with an intricate pattern. 

Statement pieces are the decor elements your guests notice first in your home and remember long after they’ve left your place. These pieces make your home feel more like you. 

Like the spice blend in your favorite dish, statement pieces add flavor to the room and show off your style. 

5 Eye-Catching Ideas for a Statement Piece

Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes – our 5 favorite ideas for statement pieces to redefine your space:


The soul of a room often resides in its art. So how do you show your soul? 🤔🤔

Do you hang a contemporary painting or a classic masterpiece on your wall? Or, do you carefully curate a gallery wall that tells your life story? 

Whatever it is, the artwork will begin reflecting your passions while infusing personality into your space. Choose a blank wall in a high-traffic area, hang a piece of artwork on it, and watch it command attention. 


Modern interior design often neglects the importance of greenery. But bringing the tranquility of nature indoors should be a no-brainer. 😉

Now, this doesn’t mean a constant battle with watering cans and sunlight. Choose artificial greenery, like a fake green wall, as a hassle-free way to achieve the same beauty without maintenance.

Faux vertical gardens are versatile and impactful and provide a backdrop that revitalizes any room.


Reflective surfaces that play with light and space are welcome in any room. For example, an ornate mirror will exude timeless charm, amplify natural light, and visually expand the room. 

Of course, you can get the same benefits with a sleek geometric mirror, as well. These pieces change the appearance of your space, create the illusion of depth and/or height, and serve many functional purposes, too. 

Essentially, there’s nothing mirrors can’t do.😉


Rugs are anchors of the room and they’re finally getting the praise and attention they deserve. There aren’t many rules for working with rugs, except one: be bold. 😬

Picture a dark red Moroccan rug with complex patterns sitting underneath a lightwood table. It would catch your attention, wouldn’t it? 🧐

Well, that’s exactly what a statement rug should do – introduce new textures and motifs to your floors. Such decor pieces are so powerful that they create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout the entire room. So, don’t let them go to waste. 


Although last on our list, lighting isn’t any less important. A statement chandelier is the epitome of form and function. 

Now, don’t picture a Victorian-inspired crystal chandelier in your rustic farmhouse. Instead, look for light fixtures that fit into the existing design. These can be crafted out of natural materials like wood or wrought iron. Chandeliers of this type are more rugged and may include exposed bulbs and distressed finishes.

Whatever your interior, there’s a chandelier that can work wonders for your space. 🥰😍

Tips for Creating Good Statement Pieces

Before you start moving furniture around, here are some tips to create a statement piece:

  1. Have a plan before going into it. Although you don’t need to have everything sketched out, have a vague idea of what you want and where to place it.
  2. Only one item should be a statement piece in a room. If you have many pieces vying for attention, your space will seem overwhelmed and crowded. 
  3. Don’t listen to what others say about your choice of statement piece. We all have different tastes, so choose a timeless piece that works for your personality. 
  4. Don’t be hasty with your decision. Trial a few statement pieces before choosing the perfect one for the room. 
  5. Mix and match statement pieces with the decor. A statement piece should complement the space, but it shouldn’t include too many colors and patterns. 


The power of a statement piece is undeniable. Statement pieces represent the heart and soul of a room and reflect the homeowner’s originality and individuality. 

Now go on and find a statement piece to be the storyteller in your home’s narrative. Make it distinctly yours and you’ll never be able to resist. 

Hope you enjoy reading the content here!! Let me know in the comment what next you would like to know!! 😉😉

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