21 Questions Game Freaky to Ask Your Friends, Colleagues and Love once

Are you looking for some interesting games for real fun? Well, in that case you have headed to the right place. Today we will discuss those 21 Questions Game Freaky. These would really make things hotter and you would really love it. You can play these games at your friends night-out and parties too. So let’s dive right in guys.. 

How to Play 21 Questions Game Freaky

Well this is a very easy game that anyone can play. All you have to do is answer the question asked by anyone. Or if you are the host you can question anyone in a group. You can also create so many cards that have unique questions on it. Let your friend choose any card and answer the question mentioned in the card…

There are two most popular ways to play 21 question games.

1. Classic

This would be the most common way to play this game. Anybody can volunteer by themselves. You can ask a total number of 21 questions to the player turn by turn. For example Mr X is asking a question to Mr Y. Once Mr Y answered the question. Now it’s Mr Y’s turn to ask the question to Mr Z.

2. The Quiz

In this one person would ask the question to the entire group. And everybody has to answer one by one.

21 Questions Game Freaky

1. What do you think about your mum and dad’s relationship? 

2. Where did you have your first kiss?

3. What thing do you like the most in being in a relationship?

4. One thing that you hate about your siblings.

5. Which celebrity do you wanna kiss?

6. What things make you turn on?

7. How do you want to keep your relationship? Private or public?

8. What is the best thing about being single?

9. What is the saddest thing that you feel for being single.

10. Do you have any regrets from your past relationship?

11. Any advice for your ex?

12. Right now. Are you single or secretly dating someone?

13. What’s the most common excuse that you use to sneak out from a date?

14. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done on a beach?

15. What’s your biggest fear?

16. If you get a chance to relive a memory from your past, what would it be?

17. Is there anything that you have done in life that no one would ever believe if you don’t have any proof?

18. If you are to describe yourself in one word what would it be?

19. If you could change your name, what would you choose?

20. Have you ever sung in a shower? What was the song?

21. What’s the thing that people misunderstand about you?

21 Questions Game Freaky

21 Unexpected Funny Questions For Your Friends

1. If you get a course of eating only one type of food for the rest of your life, what would you choose and still be happy with it?

2. What is the excuse that you make to someone when you are being asked for money?

3. Have you ever put your friend into trouble? How was it?

4. Have you ever got into trouble where no one would believe how you would survive?

5. What was your nickname in your childhood?

6. If you have 5 minutes to live, what would you do?

7. If your house is on fire, you can save your father or your mother. Who would you save first?

8. What thing do you like about your job?

9. What other things that you have done to entertain yourself in the office without telling your boss.

10. What is the biggest life you ever said in your life, and to whom?

11. How would you describe your life if it was a movie?

12. Have you ever forgotten to brush your teeth?

13. What’s your favourite movie that you love to watch over and over?

14. Is there anything that you want to change in your life that you are not satisfied with?

15. Did you have any crush on your teacher?

16. How often you get jealous in a relationship.

17. Have you ever kissed your best friend?

18. What is the biggest lie that you ever said to your parents?

19. If you want to steal something from your friend what would it be?

20. If you want to change one habit, what would it be?

21. Have you ever bitten your best friend for fun..?

Why to Play This Game

This is a very entertaining way to enjoy parties. Also by this game you can understand your friends and become attached with them emotionally. It is the easiest way to connect with each other if you are new. This way everybody will feel important and nobody would feel ignored.


The foremost thing is to respect everyone’s point of view. Whatever the question and the answer is Do not misunderstand or get aggressive. As we know everybody has a different mind and they have their own ways of thinking. You can put up an option for skipping the question. So if someone sounds the question is not relevant they can just skip and feel safe.

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Final Words

So these were some hand picked questions that were really crazy and fun too. I hope you enjoy all the questions. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more updates or let me know if you want to have more ideas in comment section!!

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