How Rare Are Four Leaf Clovers??

We’ve all been interested in the story of the Four Leaf Clovers, which is a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day (celebrated on 17th of March). But How Rare Are Four Leaf Clovers? Let’s know it..

How Rare Are Four Leaf Clovers

Finding four leaf clovers in your backyard  is a fun thing to do on St. Patrick’s Day. This is an Irish culture. 

Did you know??? your chances of getting a four-leaf clover are one in thousands. But there are a few steps that can increase your chance.

Can you visualise a large clove field with its grassy leaves? Yet, among this big green sea, one single four-leaf clover exists in ten thousand. The rarity of these stones helps to build the legend of their luck, making them the sought-after symbols of hope and prosperity.

Cautiously watching fields, scrutinising the earth with our eyes downcast in a bid to catch this botanical rarity. When we find one, the thrills could be compared to a discovery of a treasure – our persistence and maybe even an omen for happiness.

However, more than the superstition, the four-leaf clover reminds people of the marvels Mother Nature offers. It is an emblem of survival, a proof that this plant succeeds in prevailing under difficult conditions. Like the four-leafed clover in a mass of its three-leaved companions, we can also locate our own special spark, exactly our own four-leafed clover deep inside ourselves.

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