How Old Do You Have to Be to Run for President of the United States

Are you into Politics too? Or having a dream of becoming a President of the United States? Wait wait wait!! You should probably check your age to be able to run for President. And this would be our topic for today’s topic. I would be sharing some of the details on how you can run for president.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Run for President of the United States

Many individuals aspire to hold this prestigious position, but there’s one crucial question that often arises: What age is it to run for president.

In the United States, the answer is quite straightforward: A person seeking the office of the President should have reached the minimum age of 35 years on Election day. Article II, Section 1 Clause 5 in the constitution of the United States expressly affirms it. The Founding Fathers believed that one who would rule a nation should have some measure of maturity and experience.

But why 35 specifically? Answered in some vague way but possibly they used this age as a way to formulate common sense numbers, though they did not exclude too many from the election eligibility.

By the age of 35, one would be mature enough to fully grasp what it takes to become a president, having learnt about the obstacles and difficulties that come with it. As such, he/she would have had the chance to establish his/her own political stance and gain some

The age requirement of more than 35 years is as old as the 1787 adopted constitution; therefore, it cannot be adapted to concerns such as gender or racial discrimination. This equalises it and eliminates all forms of ageism in society.

It however does not mean that one needs to be thirty five years to make it in a race for president. Additionally politics plays a role as well as other factors such as charisma, political experience, and strategy of the campaign. Nevertheless, all Presidential aspirants must be of the minimum age limit required.

Hence, if you are aged 35 years and above and still want to rule the nation, dispose of the idea of your age. # Governorship is difficult, but lucrative, and one can achieve his goals.

As they say, by working hard, determination, and having a clear view of what lies in the future, you may become the resident of the oval office.

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