How Many Blocks Are in Minecraft? The Ultimate Guide

If you are a player of Minecraft game like me then you would be wondering how many blocks are in Minecraft. Or how many types of blocks are there in Minecraft. These are the most common questions that are asked by young players and beginners. This game is also known as the online Lego game. The game was originally launched in 2009.

This game has been maintained by Mojang Studio, the masterpiece. To ensure that the the game is enjoyable and everybody can experience the fun, the game was made in a simple way so that everybody can enjoy.

How Many Blocks Are in Minecraft?

Approximately, there are total 702 types of blocks are in Minecraft. In a single game there are two million blocks with different pixels in Minecraft. So, How many blocks are in Minecraft for real? These blocks are made from different types of material that help you to build all types of structure. The entire game basically focuses with different natures of blocks.

Just like the atmosphere is composed of air and many different particles that we can see. Minecraft has the same thing with blocks. Everything is blocks from building a house to sourcing food for survival.

According to a deep research by pro gamers, the world of Minecraft contains both element and entity. Few elements from them include lava, sand, gold, coal, dirt, stone, air and running water, while some of the entities includes the main character like villagers, zombies, cows, spiders, skeletons and many others.


There is no specific count of total number of blocks that are in Minecraft game. Many true Minecraft gamers have tried it and they have approximate number of total blocks that are mentioned about. Keep visiting My Architecture’s Idea for more updates.

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