Unveiling the Secrets: The Wizard of Oz Trick Revealed

Being a technology lover and frequent Google user, I have always felt excited about the hidden surprises and Easter eggs lurking within the search engine. However, one of the most memorable and nostalgic easter eggs I ever found is the “Wizard of Oz trick”.

The Wizard of Oz Trick Revealed

There used to be this fantastic Easter egg, trick which was a playful reference to the great old movie, in the Google search itself. You only have to write “wizard of Oz” in the search line and the magic is activated. The search results page would instantly feature a pair of ruby slippers to match those worn by Dorothy in the film.

With a click of the ruby slipper, a series of events would follow. The search page will appear as a twister tornado which will mirror Dorothy’s journey from Kansas to the Land of Oz. Then, the tornado will fade out and the page will become sepia, like the beginning scenes of the movie.

The song also carried Judy Garland’s iconic voice and immediately made users yearn for the magical land of Oz again. Truly, this Easter egg proved that Google is indeed capable of delivering more than what we expect it to be.

Nonetheless, in 2020, Google opted to put an end to this long-standing Easter egg that had left so many users craving it back. Although the reason for its removal is still unclear, speculation has it that Google wanted to simplify search results and offer more direct results.

Despite losing, the wizard of oz trick still lingers in my mind alongside the minds of other Google users. It is but a flash that reminds us how a simple technology can create a mood and take us somewhere, however brief.

Its legacy is lived on, even though the wizard may have lost the Wizard magic trick. It still generates interest and amazement in the hearts of people who have been drawn by its charms. And maybe one day Google will surprise us with another exciting Easter egg, and remind us that the technology world is always expanding.

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