How Did Squidward Die – The Secret of Squidward’s Suicide

Hello everyone. So let us know today How Did Squidward Die and why he did it. So.. Squidward is a character from SpongeBob and he is also a favourite of all the kids. 

Creepypasta (a website that creates and shares horror-related legends on the Internet) had an episode called Squidward’s Suicide. This episode is about Squidward killing himself with the shotgun.

The story of Squidward’s suicide was created by an intern for the Nickelodeon channel. The production team was later scheduled to review the premiere of the fourth season. However, the animators and editors were horrified by the violent imagery and terrifying sound effects.

How Did Squidward Die

As I mentioned, the story was posted by an unknown person from 7chan’ /x/paranormal forum.

The man told how he and a few others were requested to watch the episode “Fear of the Krabby Patty” on Nickelodeon. However the episode was titled “Squidward’s Suicide“.

They were still thinking about the episode as an in-joke shared by the animators. So they decided to continue with the work in hand.

The episode begins with the title Suicide of Squidward. In the middle of the episode, Squidward was interrupted by SpongeBob and Patrick, laughing outside his house. Squidward gets angry and tells them to be quiet as he was rehearsing for a concert. 

However, the concert turns out to be the worst and the crowd boos Squidward for his terrible performance, it seemed that they all were having fishy red eyes in real life, including SpongeBob himself with Patrick too.

Squidward gets upset and very embarrassed. Later he was crying bitterly in his bedroom. Although the cry didn’t sound like Squidward’s, it did sound like a real person. 

The scene continues for some time until Squidward’s face appears in front of the camera.

After some time, Squidward’s eyes become the same as the amount of crying in the background also increases. Once the crying stops, a deep voice yells “Do it!” As the camera moves, Squidward is holding a gun in his head. 

Seconds later, Squidward shoots himself and the camera pans out once again to present his remains on screen before the episode ends. For more information keep on visiting My Architecture’s Idea.

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