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Whether you love cats or not, it may be quite upsetting to spend a lot of money on new outdoor furniture only to have a cat decide the legs are a bed and the cushion is a rubbing support. When the cat in question isn’t even yours, it might be extra annoying. Even though it can be annoying, you still want to protect the cat. Depending on how committed that cat is to hanging out on your furniture, finding safe and efficient solutions may need a lot of trial and error. However, you’ll be happy to learn that you have a variety of alternatives to choose from. Keep reading to learn some safe ways to prevent cats from using your patio furniture if you’re not sure how.

1. Organic Cat Repellent Spray

Cats dislike a variety of odours, including vinegar, peppermint, cinnamon, and lavender. Cats can be kept away from your furniture without making it less comfortable for you if you make a spray out of some unpleasant-smelling perfumes or even just diluted vinegar. Keep in mind that cats have a considerably more acute sense of smell than do humans. Avoid utilizing items like fruit juices that could attract insects or make things sticky. Never spray essential oils around your cat since some of them might be harmful for them to ingest. Be careful while using essential oils.

2. Marketable Cat Repellent Spray

You may purchase commercial cat repellant sprays if crafting your own isn’t your thing. Some of these odors are unpleasant to cats, while others could include pheromones or other clues that a larger, predatory animal is around. Even some items meant to prevent scratching and marking may completely prevent cats from using your furniture. The cat may be kept in different areas of your yard and away from your patio furniture with the use of these sprays.

3. Plants That Repel Cats

Plants that discourage cats could be a good choice for your patio area if you want to prevent cats from spraying or applying anything to your furnishings. Many of these plants have the advantage of blossoming, which will draw beneficial pollinators including butterflies, hummingbirds, and honeybees. To keep cats away from your patio area, you should choose planting lavender, pennyroyal, lemon thyme, geraniums, lemongrass, rue, citronella, and scaredy cat plants. Some of these plants will also keep mosquitoes and other animals away.

4. Water Spray

Consider something non-offensive, like a water pistol, to deter your own cat from climbing up on furniture. If you notice them on the furniture, squirt them, and they will flee. Fear not; it will only take a few occasions for them to understand.

5. Ultrasonic Deterrent

For effective cat repellant, use an ultrasonic device. If you have your own pets, it might not be the greatest option as it works on all animals, even dogs.

6. Two-Sided Tape

Sticky paws are unpleasant for cats. Therefore, using tape to keep them off patio furniture is a terrific idea. However, if the tape is left on your furniture for a time, you can notice that it leaves behind residue.

7. Put Your Pillows Away

Make care to store the cushions while your furniture isn’t in use. Cats would still likely jump on it, of course, but at least your pillows won’t be covered in a muck. Furthermore, it will be considerably less welcoming if the furniture is rough.


In summary, there are several practical techniques to prevent cats from using Jardina Outdoor Furniture and maintain its perfect state. The use of ultrasonic equipment, spraying cat repellent, and strategically placing cat-repellent plants are all effective and humane ways to deter cats from entering restricted areas. Citrus fragrances, furniture coverings, and gentle teaching methods may all help our feline companions and our prized outdoor furniture live in peace together. We can enjoy our outside areas without any unwelcome furry visitors by using these seven techniques and adapting them to our cats’ tastes, providing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for everybody.

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