Video Invitations: Here’s all you need to know about

Video invitations are engaging, fun, interactive, and very easy to create. They are an excellent way to provide more information in less time. They also enable both your visual and audio sensors, thus making a better impact on the viewer’s mind.

Video invitations also give room for creative expression. Instead of explaining your event in a straightforward print and text manner, using videos can spark more enthusiasm. In today’s age of technology, access to videos using phones and laptops is effortless.

Uses of Video Invitations.

Now that you are convinced about videos and their impact over text or postal invitations, here are a few use cases for this.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are no longer associated with long and tedious seminars. They are fun-filled gatherings for the whole company to enjoy. The start of these events cannot be with a bland and generic text invitation via email.

Your video invitations for corporate or Business can also feature the CEO and the founder, making the employees feel more welcomed. This process can also be an opportunity to explain the event’s details and set the expectation. Video invitations will, any day, generate better footfall at your corporate events.

College Events

College students are the most avid user of technology. They are frequently on their phones, making them the ideal consumers of this product. Using video to invite students to college events will provide your event with a fun and exciting reputation.

Since videos circulate easier in these times of social media, videos will also gain a much larger reach among students.


Selecting the right wedding invitation was one of the challenges many couples face. However, making a video shout-out means being original and refreshing in your invites. Give your friends and family a reason to save the date for your wedding from the first impression.

The couple can merely sit in front of a camera and read out the details of the wedding. Having the couple give person invitations also makes the event more exclusive and personal. Make the video fun by adding anecdotes and or narrating relevant stories.


Are you throwing a party? Why would you instead send out a message blast? Hold up your phone and send a video message to all your friends. A fun video invitation definitely sets the tone for the party and sparks excitement for the evenings leading up.  

They also feel personal and make it much easier to cover the finer details of the gathering.

Factors Of Video Invitations.


The length of your invitation is very crucial. Your aim is not to create a long-length movie. The invitation must be concise and relevant. Share only the most crucial information without sounding boring.

Having a really long video will force people to tune out and not get the whole information. This process might also increase the size of the video file, making it harder for it to reach more people. Not to forget, making longer videos might also cost more for corporate events.

Response Trigger  

The purpose of a conventional card was to gain an RSVP from the users. The same might be possible with videos, but there are online tools for this such as a video invitation maker. Using a free online rsvp template you can add the link with the video.

Prompt people on the video to RSVP to your event using the link at the end of the video. Additionally, you could also make a temporary website or private social media event listing.  


Your video invitations should encapsulate the emotion of your event. If your event is going to be fun and peppy, make sure that you resonate that feeling in the video invitations. In the case of wedding or party invitations, make your videos as personal and filled with stories as you possibly can.

Do not ponder too much about the format of the invite. As long as it is easy to consume people would be happy to check it out.


The speech audio of the video must be crystal clear and easy to comprehend. If you feel the audio quality is not good enough, add subtitles. The phones in our pockets are well-equipped to produce and record quality sound for these videos.

If you have the basic knowledge of editing, you can also use free music online to give your video the edge. Find audio tracks that complement the message of a video. Do not add unwanted special effects and sound transitions. And, if you want to convert your videos into other supported formats for invitation concerns, navigate to right now and make free video files conversions.


The visuals of a video are what define the video. You could either shoot a video or use stock footage and a B-roll. If you are under-confident about putting yourself in your video invitations, make a montage of images, and use creative background music to complement it.

Alternatively, you can also use voice-overs, animations, or a short film.


The last thing to consider in your wedding invitation is fonts. Just like the fonts on your paper invitation card, the fonts on your video also play a significant role. If done poorly, a bad font can repel people from the video.

Use fonts that are fun and easy to read. Do not use more than one font on a single video. Bold and San Serif fonts are the easiest to read on videos.

Final Thoughts

Think of these invitations as a trailer for your event, like the one before a movie release. They do not just work as an invite but also help to build anticipation.

All of these pointers will enable you to think about video invites. Now take some time off and map out an idea for these invitations. Videos provide endless options, anything from a story to an animation is acceptable.  

You can also view a few samples online to spark your imagination. A fantastic event begins with a fantastic invitation.  

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