Guest Bathroom Ideas for Small Homes with Smart Space-Saving Solutions

You will have to agree that every part of our small little house is crucial in creating a cozy and inviting place for our guests. Right? One area that we always underestimate is the guest bathroom. While remodeling and renovating the guest room we should also consider adding some improvement to the guest bathroom as well. The size of your guest bathroom is also very crucial for providing your steam guests an exceptional experience.

Therefore and in this article I will explore some of the best space saving hacks to renovate your guest bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and are planning to renovate then you should follow these steps.

3 Things to Consider to Make Your Guest Bathroom Spacious 

You can even make your small bathroom look better than the oversized bathroom. It’s all about the matter of strategic designing and the place adds different storage ideas to maximize every inch.

Before doing any improvements in your small guest bathroom you should consider the following things.

Assess Your Priorities  

To ensure you achieve your objectives in creating a minimalist and functional guest bathroom, determine what you need to change to enhance its appeal and overall functionality and comfort. 

If you want your bathroom to include providing people with mobility issues with a convenient bathroom experience, you should go for installing grab bars or maybe a taller toilet for them to use the bathroom safely. 

So, if you are planning for the construction drawing and design. You should identify the primary functions that your guests are going to need. By this you can make sure that your guest is having a pleasing bathroom space and a functional room.

Optimize the Storage Areas 

Undoubtedly, a small bathroom has only a limited space for your things and essentials. Thus, you need to ensure that the bathroom’s layout has storage areas or space-efficient options that you may use to store the things like bathroom cleaning sets and towels you rarely use.  

By strategically adding these storage areas to your layout, you can guarantee a more spacious and organized place for your guests to use.  

Only Use Compact Fixtures 

I know that those big fixtures and fittings are everyone’s favorite, however you must not install them, if you have a small bathroom space. You can always choose a compact fixture so that you can make use of extra space for the storage.

8 Guest Bathroom Ideas for Small Homes 

Now that you have a quick overview of what to consider to transform your small-spaced bathroom into a spacious one, check out these guest bathroom ideas for tiny homes. 

Installing Drawers 

Drawers are one of the underrated innovative space-saving solutions you can use in your guest bathroom. The more drawers your guest bathroom has, the more storage you have for different items.  

The best thing is that you can classify these items based on their category. For instance, the first drawer will hold the toiletries, and the second drawer will store the clean and fresh towels. 

Choosing the Best Compact Towel Holder 

One of the bathroom-mess culprits is the towels. Although you can just simply hang them at the back of the door, they can still affect the space and aesthetics of your guest bathroom. So, instead of hanging them, consider purchasing a compact towel holder for rolled towels. 

Utilizing a Narrow Built-in Cabinet 

No matter how small or big your bathroom is, there will always be an unused corner that you can utilize. Instead of leaving it empty, install shelving where you can organize your favorite hand and body wash, moisturizers, face wash, and even cleaning supplies.  

Making Use of Wire Baskets 

Minimalist designs create clean and uncomplicated spaces. So, utilize every space and keep them from going to waste! Use the bathroom wall by mounting wire baskets for your soaps, face towels, and shampoos.  

Considering Floating Shelves             

Of Course!! Don’t you like the beauty of floating shelves in small guest bathrooms? Their functionality with modern, minimalist design are perfect for holding framed art, paintings, and other bath accessories or decorations you want in your bathroom.   

Buying Bath Trays 

Functionality can always go hand in hand with comfort, relaxation, and aesthetics. So, if you want to give your small home’s guest bathroom a spa vibe, invest in bath trays for scented candles, oils, body products, or even your Kindle and other reading material.  

Keeping Your Cosmetics Organized with a Countertop Stand 

Harsh Truth—your unorganized cosmetics could affect your bathroom’s visual appeal. Worse, they may also affect the bathroom’s functionality by clogging the drainage system with beauty products like powders, broken lipsticks, or lash extensions.  

You should also make sure that all the cosmetics that you have in your bathroom should also suit the bathroom’s duty and appearance. You have to keep this under control with the countertop or you can have a bathroom vanity to give these inside.

Utilizing Access Doors and Panels 

Another way to make your best bathroom look wow is by adding advanced and designer doors for panels. You should only choose doors with a paintable finish to make sure that it will perfectly suit the bathroom surroundings.

Installing access doors like BA-DW-5040 Flush with Drywall Bead Flange Access Panel allows you to conceal items like towels and cleaning materials behind finished walls. Access panels make it easy to closely match finishes while providing simple access for storage or maintenance needs. 


By doing careful planning you can make your guest bathroom look wow from an average looking bathroom. I hope that these above ideas were really helpful to you. You can choose any idea to make your bathroom suitable for your guest. For more updates keep on visiting My Architecture’s Idea.

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