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Have you heard the slang “INOH” before? You must have seen this slang in your friends group chat in social media like WhatsApp group, Instagram, etc. So what does INOH really mean in text? I have done a thorough research on this slang and found the actual meaning of it. Keep reading to know more about this.

INOH Meaning

Whenever you see this slang INOH in a text message, that means he or she wants to have some oral fun with you. He or she must be mad in love with you for sure! 😁 In simple words INOH stands for “in need of head“.

Did you know that this term was popularised on social media platforms on January 18 on Twitter. This time was first used by a tutor user @prvttybunny.

However the exact origins of the term are still unknown. The term has become a popular way to ask people to have oral fun with their partners. It’s a polite way to say such a thing on social media so that no one feels offended. If you still have some doubts you can just directly ask them.

Not all have the kinky and naughty minds to use such words. It can have a lot of different meanings that we’re gonna share below.

  • In need of help
  • In need of a partner
  • In need of a friend
  • In need of love
  • In need of funds
  • In need of compassion
  • In need of guidance
  • In need of a hug

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