How Spriteshield is Protecting Floors and Empowering Businesses

For any business that relies on clean, undamaged floors, traditional floor protection methods like duct tape and drop cloths can be a frustrating nightmare. Tape leaves behind sticky residue that takes hours to remove, while drop cloths often don’t fully cover work areas and still allow dust, debris and spills to damage flooring. That’s where Spriteshield comes in. Spriteshield provides reusable, interlocking plastic temporary floor protection that install in seconds to protect floors from moisture, paint, and other elements.  

Founded in 2017, Spriteshield aims to provide an effective and durable alternative to traditional floor protection methods that businesses have relied on for decades. Spriteshield’s mission is to empower businesses with an easy-to-use floor protection solution that reduces costs, hassle and floor damage. As Edward says, “After seeing firsthand the frustrations clients faced with ineffective and wasteful drop cloths, I wanted to create a floor protection solution that was actually purpose-built do the job right.” 

Brand Story 

Spriteshield was founded in 2017 by Edward Yang, a general contractor who found himself constantly frustrated with the floor protection methods available to businesses. While using traditional drop cloths on job sites, saw how ineffective they were at actually preventing paint spills, drywall dust and other debris from damaging flooring. After jobs, he also witnessed how time-consuming and difficult it was for clients to remove residual tape and repair any damage left behind. 

He wanted to create a floor protection solution that was actually designed for the job. After researching options, he realized there was a lack of durable, reusable and effective temporary floor protectors on the market. 

Reusable up to 500 times, Spriteshield protectors aim to reduce costs, hassle and floor damage for businesses long-term. 

The name “Spriteshield” reflects ‘s spirit of innovation and desire to empower businesses with a shield that actually protects their floors. What started in his garage in 2017 has now grown to help thousands of businesses protect their floors and bottom lines. remains hands-on as CEO, continually improving Spriteshield’s products based on customer feedback. His motivation remains exposing the inefficiencies of traditional methods and empowering businesses with a better floor protection solution. 

How Spriteshield Works 

Installing Spriteshield floor protectors is simple and quick. The interlocking protectors come in rectangular shapes of various sizes to cover different floor areas. They slot together like puzzle pieces, creating a seamless barrier over your floors. 

To install, simply lay out the protectors where needed and press them together at the sides. The protectors have a clever ridge-and-groove design that securely locks them in place without the use of tapes or adhesives. For uneven surfaces, the thin yet flexible plastic easily contours to the floor. 

Once installed, Spriteshield floor protectors provide clear visibility of the work or event area beneath while still shielding floors from moisture, paint spills, dust and debris. They prevent moisture from seeping underneath and soaking into flooring materials like wood. 

Spriteshield protectors can be trimmed with scissors for odd shaped areas. When a job is complete, they pop apart easily and can then be stored flat for future use. Spriteshield claims their protectors can be reused up to 500 times, extending their value for businesses long-term. 


Making an Impact 

Since launching in 2017, Spriteshield has helped thousands of businesses reduce floor damage and costs with their reusable floor protectors. Business owners praise the protectors for dramatically reducing downtime spent cleaning floors after jobs and repairs. 

Alexander*, owner of a commercial cleaning company, says “We used to go through rolls of duct tape and drop cloths on every job, and it still wasn’t enough. Now with Spriteshield, our floors are protected properly and we don’t have to spend hours scraping up tape and sweeping up dust.” 

Nicole, owner of an event planning company, notes “Before Spriteshield we were constantly buying new drop cloths for every event. Now we just pull out our Spriteshield covers, which have stayed in great condition after 30+ events.” 

Spriteshield has also received recognition from various industry publications for their innovative floor protection solution. In 2021, they were named one of “50 Smartest New Products” by Facility Management Decisionmakers magazine. 

Through stories like these, Spriteshield aims to illustrate the real impact their reusable floor protectors can have on businesses’ bottom lines by reducing costs associated with floor damage and traditional protection methods. 

*Names have been changed to protect privacy. 

The Spriteshield Difference 

While other reusable floor protection products exist, Spriteshield sets itself apart through a focus on design, materials, and durability. 

Their floor protectors feature an advanced plastic composite material that is up to 3 times thicker than competitors’ sheets. This extra material thickness provides cushioning that helps prevent scratches and dents to floors – even after hundreds of uses. 

The interlocking ridge-and-groove design securely locks protectors together without the need for tape. The flexible material contours smoothly to uneven surfaces and edges. 

Spriteshield protectors are available in a wide range of standard sizes to cover most floor areas, as well as custom sizes to accommodate unique spaces. 

With a focus on continuous improvement, Spriteshield constantly tests new materials and upgrades existing products based on customer feedback. Their goal is to create the most durable and effective reusable floor protectors on the market. 


A Sustainable Solution 

In addition to protecting floors, Spriteshield aims to protect the planet through their reusable floor protectors. By remaining in service for years and being reused up to 500 times, each set of Spriteshield protectors helps businesses avoid the waste generated by single-use drop cloths and tapes. 

Spriteshield estimates that for every set of their reusable floor protectors, businesses can avoid throwing away up to 200 drop cloths made from plastic and nonwoven materials. This results in less plastic ending up in landfills and the environment. 

Spriteshield uses recyclable plastic materials for their protectors that contain a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content. The company is continuously researching new materials that reduce their environmental impact even further. 

Spriteshield CEO sums up the sustainability benefits, saying “Floor protection products have historically been about as wasteful and single-use as it gets. With reusable Spriteshield covers, we’re helping businesses move to a closed-loop model that reduces waste while still protecting their most valuable asset – their floors.” 


Since launching in 2017, Spriteshield has empowered thousands of businesses with a durable and sustainable alternative to traditional floor protection methods. Their reusable plastic protectors install in seconds, shield floors from paint spills and debris, and can be reused indefinitely to reduce costs long-term. 

Spriteshield aims to become the new standard in floor protection by ditching wasteful disposable drop cloths for good. Through continuous materials testing and product refinements, they strive to offer the most effective reusable floor protectors on the market. 

But Spriteshield’s impact goes beyond just floor protection. By helping businesses avoid waste and transition to a closed-loop model, they are contributing to a more sustainable future. 

If you’re ready to protect your floors – and the planet – once and for all, switch to Spriteshield reusable floor protectors today. Recommend Spriteshield to any businesses you know still relying on ineffective drop cloths. Together we can create less waste and safeguard what matters most – our floors. Keep on visiting My Architectures Idea for more info.

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